Recogida selectiva de residuos

  En los seis meses que lleva Polistmodel en la planta de Zumaia, ha seguido con la misma metodología que adoptó sobre la recogida selectiva de residuos, que implantó en su día la mancomunidad de Urola Erdia, es decir, clasificando

BIEMH. 29 Bienal de Máquina Herramienta

Una edición más el BEC de Baracaldo albergó la 29 edición BIEMH de la feria de la Máquina Herramienta. Un evento al que Polistmodel no podía fallar ya que algunos de nuestros clientes exponen sus últimos avances; avances en los

Ampliamos la flota para mantenimiento de modelos

Ampliamos la flota de vehículos para reforzar una de las lineas de negocio de Polistmodel, el mantenimiento de modelos en las fundiciones. En Polistmodel estamos en contacto continuo con las fundiciones que nos demandan nuestros servicios para el normal funcionamiento

Visiting OUTSOURCING and PUMPS & VALVES at Baracaldo BEC

We visited outsourcing and pumps & valves fairs at Baracaldo BEC, where we were able to see some of our customers. Also in this year’s fair have we been able to find parts and machines made by cutting-edge companies in

On our way to internationalisation

We attended a “Clúster Metal Mecánica” conference organised by Ieteam and Adegi. In the last years, in Polistmodel, we have established ourselves in the national market as one of the benchmarks in casting pattern production in all different materials, such

The future of the Machine tool in the IMH of Elgoibar

We attended the conference organised by the City Hall of Elgoibar at IMH, with speakers such as Juan Ignacio García de Mutiloa, Deputy Head of Industry Department of the Basque Government, Guillermo Dorronsoro, Dean of Deusto Business School, Jose Luis Larrea,

We are expanding staff

Following our investment policy, in Polistmodel, we bet on people as a safe value. For this reason, and as we did last summer with a new technical manager, we are expanding our staff in the plant to better comply with

Manufacturing a casting pattern of a turbine blade

Casting patterns, how many times have we been asked how parts are built out of a casting model? During the last years, TV channels such as Discovery have shown us creation processes of different machines, devices or parts. Some of